03 October 2018

The Gnomon Workshop Texture and Training: Planks and Panels


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Planks and Panels (2 DVDs of textures and 1 DVD of training) contains 305 high resolution textures for the creation of all kinds of man-made structured wooden surfaces. Included are photographs of boards, panels, planks and posts as well as specialty wood constructions. Gnomon Workshop textures are high resolution and seamlessly tileable. This allows for the creation of texture pages of any size – from a fly’s eye view of a backyard fence up to the broadside of a majestic Spanish galleon. Every texture has a corresponding bump and specular map. These have been manipulated to ensure a proper bump and specular response, and are not simply a grayscale version of the color map. The textures are entirely handled and stored in 24-bit TIFF format to avoid any compression artifacts normally associated with JPEG images. Also supplied are more than 160 features – texture maps with alpha masks that add richness and variety to any texture project. Included are features commonly found with structured wood like nails, bolts, signs, hinges and more.


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  • 3dsmax
  • Modern
  • Low poly.
  • More materials you can find in the Material Editor.
  • (Note for beginners: If you need color variations or material variations, please do not import the model in the Slate Material Editor. use Compact Material Editor)
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