21 July 2021

Exterior HDRI Lighting In V-Ray

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The new chapter of Evermotion ArchViz Training Online!

Today we will talk about exterior HDRI lighting in V-Ray. The scene that you see in this tutorial can be – as usual – downloaded for free here.

We will modify the scene from the previous tutorial exterior lighting. Our first goal is to create sunset scene. We will also create an overcast scene and night scene. All of them will be lit with a chosen HDRI map. Each scene is presented with necessary preparation and adjustments. We also talk about using VrayLightMix to control lighting of our scene even after the rendering is finished.


  • 3dsmax
  • Modern
  • Low poly.
  • More materials you can find in the Material Editor.
  • (Note for beginners: If you need color variations or material variations, please do not import the model in the Slate Material Editor. use Compact Material Editor)
  • – Source:  Collect
  • – Download more 3d models free download here
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